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CPNRI is proud to partner with the Rhode Island Department of Labor and Training and five partner organizations through our Pathways Partnership.  The partnership exists to develop stronger connections between Rhode Island businesses and employment opportunities for people with disabilities through an array of employment programs, active engagement of business leaders to ensure programs are meeting workforce needs, and innovation of provider business practices to emphasize person-centered practices.

The Pathways Employment programs offers innovative and effective employment preparation programs for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and people who are eligible for employment training through the state of Rhode Island. Learn more about each program below and sign up to learn more by clicking the button below.


CPNRI's Pathways Partnership also i

It is our mission

  • To support members in providing the highest quality service.

  • To offer education for staff development and leadership training.

  • To influence policy and transformation of services through information sharing from members with state and federal agencies.

  • To organize advocacy and grassroots action of community members in support of our members’ policy priorities.

  • To strengthen communication among members and speak with a collective voice on issues of common interest.

  • To acquire cost effective benefits and services for all our members.

  • To share information, resources, and knowledge.

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