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The system has been chronically underfunded for years and the pandemic has now propelled it into a crisis situation, destabilizing the system and adversely affecting access to care for thousands of Rhode Islanders.

Health and Human Services Coalition’s Letter to Governor McKee and the RI General Assembly

We need your advocacy!

 Follow the guide below to learn how you can help our Health and Human Service Coalition efforts.

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We are asking for ALL hands on deck! We have organized over 70 organizations to call on our legislators to Take Action! The next step in the process is a call campaign. We need to call and email every legislator (representatives and senators) asking for their support for the organization you represent and for the health and human service delivery system that provides support to adults, children, and elders.  

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We are working to elevate the current workforce crisis that is plaguing health and human service organizations and limiting our ability to meet the needs of our community. We need to ensure our policymakers are aware of the serious challenges organizations are facing and ask for their support and commitment to investment in this industry and workforce.

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Any individual who is willing to call their representative or senator! We encourage staff, family members, consumers, friends, and concerned community members to make the calls. We need every legislator to receive minimally 25 calls from the community-- That means we need nearly 3000 calls made!  

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Today and over the next two weeks, we need everyone to keep this issue in the spotlight. The individuals our organizations support are counting on us to make sure our policymakers are working toward stabilizing this industry. 

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All legislators. You can call every legislator, or the legislator in your district where you live, or the legislators that represent the district where you work. Any and all calls matter. We need your help!!!

How to identify your State Senators and Representatives name — IT IS EASY!!! 

  • Go to the RI Secretary of State website:

  • Click on "Find your Elected Officials"

  • Enter the address information in the appropriate boxes 

  • Click on "Look Up General Voter Information” at the bottom

  • Scroll down the page to "Your Elected Officials" - Identify your State Representative and State Senator


Contact information for your State Senators and Representatives

SUPER IMPORTANT: Indicate if the legislator you spoke to supports our tracking effort tracking. Just click this link and it will take you to a form with the names of all representatives and senators. Please fill this form out for all legislators you make contact with.

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