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Member Benefits

CPNRI offers organizations the opportunity to join a collective voice that consistently advances the interests of disability providers and the system that serves children and Rhode Islanders with disabilities. Together we continuously elevate awareness about our services that provide meaningful experiences and opportunities for Rhode Islanders and children with I/DD to live, work, and socialize in our communities.


CPNRI is offering an associate membership to organizations that provide services for children with disabilities. The goal of this membership is to elevate the voice and policy priorities of providers that offer programming and services for children with disabilities.

By becoming a member of the Community Provider Network of Rhode Island, organizations gain access to the following core benefits:

  • Participation in statewide systems transformation policy conversation.

  • State level advocacy and lobbying for your organization’s policy needs.

  • Management of statewide grassroots activities and communications.

  • Information sharing and best practices.

  • Group purchasing.

  • Regular member communication.

  • Networking with other member agencies

New Member Benefit

The Community Provider Network of Rhode Island (CPNRI) has teamed up with Mutual of America to offer you a comprehensive array of retirement plan services.  Mutual of America will waive employer-paid per-life and contract fees, making it easier for you to establish your plan.

Learn More About the Benefits of Joining Our Network

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