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Member Spotlight: Full Steam Ahead for 2020: The New Peer Navigator

By Sara Porcaro | December 31, 2019

So begins the first day of a brand new decade--and with it comes a whole host of opportunities for change and innovation. At Perspectives Corporation, where hundreds of dedicated professionals have come to fuel that innovation for over forty years, we continue to shift our services to the most person-centered approach possible--and 2020 is looking bright already, with Self Advocate, educator, and social work professional Deanne Gagne joining the team as Perspectives' very first Peer Navigator! With the services that an individual is able to receive from agencies like Perspectives, the possibilities are virtually limitless. However, the official and legal language of service plans can sometimes be confusing--and the decisions themselves can be daunting. From self-directed services to agency-provided services, from independent and shared living arrangement options to classic residential services, finding exactly the right combination requires careful consideration and an intimate understanding of the language--and that's exactly what the Peer Navigator is there to help with. "It's important to us that 'person-centered' doesn't just become a buzzword," says Chief Operating Officer Kim Einloth. "We recognized that we needed the voices of individuals who have experience with choosing and receiving services to help people maximize their dollars and live the life they want."

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