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Hundreds of Rhode Islanders Support Increasing Health and Human Services Funding

Over 200 Rhode Islanders filled the State House on Thursday. All supporting the passage of S0782 & H5987. These bills:

  • Impact Rhode Islanders with disabilities, seniors, children and families, and those with behavioral health conditions and substance use.

  • Invest $200 million in services to support Rhode Islanders for 2024.

  • Build on last year's rate reform. That was a long-term solution. This will help with short-term funding.



Short-term funding is needed while last year's rate review is underway. Health and Human Services are still in a crisis.

"Everything is going to come tumbling down on us if we don't act now. Decades of disinvestment has left the system in an appalling state. We need help and we need it now!"

-Rep. Julie Casimiro (North Kingstown, Exeter)

"I am here to say we value the work you do. We need your help to make sure we make investments this year."

-Sen. Lou DiPalma (Little Compton, Middletown, Newport, Tiverton)



While these bills will have a big impact on support services to people with disabilities, it impacts many other Rhode Islanders who receive support. In fact, over 100,000+ people are impacted through the Health and Human Services Coalition. It impacts people like Collete Ann Rinkel.

A domestic violence survivor who received support from Children and family.

Listen to Collete's impactful story:

Warning: The following video talks about domestic violence and suicide, which may be triggering and emotionally distressing for some viewers. Viewer discretion is advised.

Together, we can get these bills passed.

To get involved visit our advocacy resources or contact us.
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