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Trust Benefits
The benefit of the RI Pooled Trust is to provide a vehicle for individuals and their families to set aside money without jeopardizing eligibility for Medicaid or Social Security benefits.
The RI Pooled Trust is designed in such a way that individuals can open an account with the trust without incurring expensive legal fees, and a minimum deposit of only $1000.
Assets Protection
Individuals with disabilities often receive lump sum insurance settlements or Medicaid back settlements. The RI Pooled Trust is an alternative to costly Special Needs Trusts.
Created by the Community Provider Network of Rhode Island, in partnership with Rockland Trust, The RI Pooled Trust is the first trust of this nature in Rhode Island.
Trust Fee Schedule
The RI Pooled Trust features minimal fees compared to traditional Special Needs Trusts. Joiner Fees start at only $200, 1% Trust Fee, and annual tax preparation fee.
Expense Planning
The RI Pooled Trust is a great tool for planning the ongoing care of a child with a disability. Setting aside cash, insurance policies or tangible assets for future use.
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