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COVID-19 Vaccination Information


For Self-Direct Employees


Special Vaccination Clinic for Self-Direct Employees

Great News! There will be the opportunity for your staff to become vaccinated at an upcoming clinic. We ask that you read this bulletin in its entirety to ensure you fully understand the guidelines for vaccination as well as key information for the process for registration. Please share this bulletin with any staff you are offering vaccine to.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please reach out to your BHDDH social caseworker


Self-Directed Staff

On Friday February 19th between 8:00am and 4:00pm (at Kirkbrae Country Club Old River Road in Lincoln RI) self-direct staff providing supports for individuals in the self-directed program through BHDDH will be offered the opportunity to receive a COVID-19 vaccine.

In order to qualify for this clinic, you must currently be an employee, as of February 2021, of a person who self-directs their services and currently be on payroll of one of the five licensed fiscal intermediaries through BHDDH.


Self-Directed Individuals and Families

BHDDH will provide the individuals and/or their family with the enrollment link for the clinic that will be offered on Friday February 19th. Enrollment must be completed no later than Thursday at 3:00pm. It is the responsibility of the individual or family to ensure your employees are made aware of the opportunity and provide the registration link for enrollment. This is the only clinic that will be offered specific to this population of workers. Please ensure your staff are aware of the limited opportunity for the COVID-19 vaccine.


BHDDH Oversight

To ensure the integrity of the enrollment process the following steps of verification for qualified staff will be taken at the clinic:

· Verification of identification of the staff person

· Verification of employment status at one of the five licensed fiscal intermediaries

· Verification of name of the self-directed individual who you are employed by

Each individual will be required to present their photo ID along with a paystub from their most recent paycheck and verify the individual they work for. If the individual is unable to provide the evidence of a paystub, and/or they are not on the lists of active employees at one of the five fiscal intermediaries, the individual will not receive vaccine.


Private Clinic Requirements

The Department of Health has offered this clinic to ensure individuals supported in the community and their staff receive the COVID-19 vaccine. This clinic has been offered as a private clinic and is specifically targeted for currently employed self-directed staff. No other individuals, (caregivers, family members, or friends) are eligible

for this clinic. It is the responsibility of the independent contractor (self-directed individual) to communicate to their staff that the sharing of the link is prohibited. Please also inform staff of the needed documentation that is required for vaccine.


Registration Link

You will receive an email from either your social worker or the FI that will include a link is to be provided to your staff for enrollment. Each staff must complete registration for the clinic by 3pm on Thursday February 18th in order to be eligible for vaccine on Friday February 19th. When enrolling it is important to note:

  1. Chrome, Google are preferred browsers. Explorer and Safari often will not allow an individual to enroll successfully.

  2. Ensure your name and DOB is correct when you enroll. The vaccinators need to ensure your ID matches your registration

  3. During registration the individual will be asked which agency they work for. Please indicate in this box if you are receiving your paycheck from Fogarty, Perspectives, ProAbility, Trudeau or Seven Hills

  4. During registration the individual will be asked what occupation they have, please indicate long-term care worker.

  5. Please do not arrive early for your appointment. This is a large clinic and it will require waiting. We have limited parking.

  6. If you have any trouble registering your employees or need assistance, please contact your BHDDH social worker for assistance.


Reminder: Anyone who utilizes this registration link that is not a verified employee of a self-directed individual is in violation of Department of Health regulations and will be reported.

For Recipients and Families


Hello Community,

For those of you who participated in the previous clinics and are wondering how you register for your second dose, you simply need to reach out to the provider or social worker who registered you and they will register you for your second dose.  The registration links will be made available one week prior to the 2nd dose clinic.  Your second dose is received exactly 28 days from your first dose.  


Reminder:  The 2nd dose is required for efficacy of the vaccine.  You must attend the assigned clinic to receive the 2nd dose.

For Staff


For Providers

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